Realtor Support - buyer/ seller escrow - field services

Only a full service licensed builder can truly provide the quality service that best protects your client interests.

Managing damage escrow can become complicated given the high chance for error with home inspection. Avoid the extra burden and hire a licensed builder for your repair. 

"What may appear to be a simple repair can quickly change into a major headache, time delay and worse, loss of revenue. ​We have serviced property managers, brokers, insurance companies and business owners when repairs are critical."


When facing a major repair project and money spent, consider this...

Is it worth the extra burden to your staff when they may not have the skills required to negotiate at that level.

Can you be sure that work will be completed on time and within a budget that minimizes down time and lost revenue?

What will you do when the project takes a wrong turn?

You can rely on our knowledge and resources.

Designer Colors Finishes
  • Water & fire damage assessment

  • vandalism Tenant Damage

  • Code & compliance issues


  • ​Buyers and Sellers looking for a return on investment and increased marketability

  • Price Point Kitchens Gourmet Kitchens, Classic,Transitional, Modern styles

  • Baths, Spas from basic to Resort living  

  • Premium grade product lines made affordable, we are dealers for several cabinet manufacturers


  • Online anytime communications with most answers in 24 hrs.

  • Compatible with industry recognized Software Platforms that save time and better manage jobs

  • Cost conscious remodeling that adds more value for your dollars 

  • Floor plan modifications ​that greatly improves convenience and changes in lifestyle ​

  • ​​Local Showrooms for everything trending

  • Outdoor Living space for entertainment ​​

  • Custom Cabinet and Fine Woodwork accents and Built Ins

  • Scheduling suited to your timetable

services For the real estate and legal community 

Builder Trends Design

value added services for:

  • Multi Family - Investors 
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Condominium Associations
  • Property Managers   
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Senior Housing Management
  • ADA Handicapped Access Provider
  • Code Compliance Officials
  • ​Insurance Claims adjusters
  • Insurance Claims Managers
  • Third Party Administrators