We offer Discount pricing and savings for the following:

  • Corporate Business
  • Multi Unit "condo type" locations
  • We buy products with factory incentives

"STYLE GUIDES" In many cases we can show you illustrations and renderings of your completed project prior to construction. Start your book of ideas and Ask Us ! We believe in partnership & trust and work with you to create a great space.

Your Money
This is the cost that’s usually focused on. But remodeling isn’t a commodity. It is a service that almost incidentally produces a product. What a remodeling client is buying is a relationship.

Time Commitment 
Most people are busy people. Work, family, commuting, recreation consumes time. In general, most remodeling clients do not understand how much time they will have to invest and why they need to plan for it.

Decision making, for one thing. So much time and effort goes into figuring out what one wants. Given that a remodeling client does not do this regularly and will be living with their decisions for years, it often seems there is never enough time to make all the needed decisions.

Both have benefits....There are similar looks and similar qualily. U Decide what is best for your needs! 

A cheap remodeling contractor will provide little or no help to their clients regarding product selection. The less expensive one’s remodeler, the more time one will spend on decision making.

Frustration and Stress
Saving money comes at a cost. That is life. There is no free lunch.

Most folks don’t like to be frustrated. They don’t like living with the stress that comes from uncertainty and unmet promises. Even working with a very good remodeler, there can be some surprises and disappointment.

The less expensive one’s remodeler, the more frustration and stress one will experience. Good things typically cost more than inferior things. Why? They are worth it.

In the end everyone pays the same “price.” What varies is the proportion of money, time and frustration/stress that make up that price.

Remodeling Costs


Crown Contractors provides cost conscious ways to service the real estate community. 

Our 3 Step 3 Price solution process makes complex tasks more manageable and economical. 

Design Meeting - Budgeting - Get it Done

Good - Better - Best pricing enables every project Price Point options.  

People think to get the best quality you must spend a lot of money. While it is true that quality comes with cost, often there are options that better match the need with like kind and quality. 
Our experience and commitment to E commerce provides a look at the bigger picture in home remodeling having more choice with innovation, ideas, product resources and solutions.

how to manage a home renovation project 

3 Step 3 Price Points for better remodeling